About JesusGang

Psalms 96:3 NKJV

“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”
Psalm 96:3 is part of a hymn lifting up the Lord and praising Him for all that he has done. Much like we are eager to tell people when we are in love, the same should be true of God. We are so filled with love for Him and the blessings of the Spirit that we cannot keep silent.

Spreading God's Word in Style


Lumont (Flash)Deshield is the CEO of JesusGang. JesusGang is a gospel rap ministry and custom clothing line. He has performed his gospel rap songs at many churches, community days and even night clubs in the DC area. In 2015, Lumont was runner-up in WKYS 93.9's Give Drugs A Bad Rap Contest. He was also passed the audition for Actors Models for Christ agency in 2015. On January 16th 2017, Lumont released his debut album, The Good Samaritans Album. In March 2017, Lumont's song, Thorns in my flesh was featured on Rapzilla's UP NEXT section.

Contact: Ladj86@hotmail.com

We are a group of people spreading God's Word in Style. We respect others regardless of religious and systematic differences. The Jesusgang brand may sound controversial but it is actually biblically based. We take negative (gang) and turn it into a positive. Jesus himself traveled with a gang (his apostles).

Contact us today and check out what we do below! Thank You and God Bless! 

Thorns In My Flesh Performance @ Glaude World





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Thorns in my flesh video shoot with director Phil Derihl