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Spreading God's Word in Style

Lumont Deshield, Jr. Bio

“JesusGang is a Ministry.
JesusGang is a record label.
JesusGang is a clothing line.
JesusGang represents positivity.
As always, we spread God’s word in style.”

Psalms 96:3 says, “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” It’s part of a hymn lifting up the Lord and praising Him for all that he has done. JesusGang, is eager to declare glory, spread His love, and shine His light. We are filled with God's love and filled with the blessings of the Spirit that we cannot keep silent.

About JesusGang
"Spreading God's Word In Style"
Positive Music Takeover

Lumont Deshield is the Founder and CEO of JesusGang, which started as a unique Christian clothing line. He then began writing, performing and recording gospel rap as a way to reach youth with a gospel message and an alternative to negative rap music. JesusGang is defining a new genre called gospel trap music. Lumont uses JesusGang to shine the light, love and life of Christ wherever God sends him. He has taken his designs and music to many churches, community events and even clubs in the DMV, Atlanta, Miami, and Tampa. Nut the message is always the same; it’s all about the redeeming, life saving love of God through Jesus Christ.

In 2015, Lumont began his ministry as a runner-up in WKYS 93.9's "Give Drugs a Bad Rap Contest". He then auditioned and was selected for the Actors Models for Christ.

In 2016 JesusGang performed at approximately 45 churches, community events, and shows.

On January 16, 2017, Lumont released his debut album, The Good Samaritans. Lumont often performs with his life long neighbor, friend, and wing man, Cody Glaudé. It was a busy and exciting year as JesusGang was featured on Rapzilla, as the Next Up Coming Artist, appearing on Cutthroat TV, and Listen Vision with Kinzie Luv. Thorns in My Flesh, was featured on Rapzilla's Up Next Artist and he performed for Frenchie from Bricksquad. Traveling to Miami, Lumont completed a video with the artists of Surf Gvng and Phil Derhril. JesusGang ended the year at the historic Fillmore, performing as an opening act for PnB.

January 15, 2018, was the debut of his second album, The Good News. This year JesusGang has performed at the MLK I Have a Dream Concert with Tony Redz, two, Love and Hip Hop events, and featured on WPGC with Tony Redz. Additionally, JesusGang traveled to Atlanta with the Next 2 Rise media tour and made two appearances at the Fillmore this year. Lumont has recorded and performed with many local artist, including Project MC and Lightshow.

JesusGang third album, The Rapture, will be released in September 2018. The song Tunnel Vision has already already become an audience favorite. JesusGang is also a songwriter for the Songs of Love Foundation. Its a Foundation that makes songs for the sick children in hospitals.

Lumont has performed over 80 events since the summer of 2015, while working full time, training and playing football, writing and recording. With prayer, God's help, and the support of his family, long time girlfriend, Dominique Thornton, and life long friend, Cody Glaudé, Lumont is determined to influence the culture through the Positive Music Takeover and JesusGang.

Contact: Ladj86@hotmail.com

We are a group of people spreading God's Word in Style. We respect others regardless of religious and systematic differences. The Jesusgang brand may sound controversial but it is actually biblically based. We take negative (gang) and turn it into a positive. Jesus himself traveled with a gang (his apostles).

Contact us today and check out what we do below! Thank You and God Bless! 

Thorns In My Flesh Performance @ Glaude World





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